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Website Design Services

We are a Colombo Web Design Company that works with a great focus on website efficiency and visual appeal. Our website design services include web development, graphic

designs, online marketing and mobile development. Our team of talented designers and experienced web developers is ready to meet any of your needs and exceed your expectations.

All of our professionals knowledge and insight is at your disposal to provide you with the information and resources you need to successfully design, create, manage and showcase your web design project.

Our Story

Founded in 2015, Regoora was created to offer revolutionary web solutions and online marketing services to growing and mid-sized business. During the few years, the company made a gradual shift from being a local, Colombo Base operation to a company with island reach, taking on best clients as the company itself has grown.

Our Model

Our web solutions and online marketing services are designed according to our Web Department model. This model has been successfully applied to a global portfolio of clients across all verticals. We take great pride in the cloud base applications we have built, as well as our award winning e-commerce sites. Regoora has evolved from being a local e-commerce solutions provider to a respected, full-service web solutions firm.
We focus on offering revolutionary web solutions and online marketing services to small and mid-sized businesses. The company is a proud partner of resellers and service businesses throughout the nation and is Sri Lankan's most trusted Web Department.

Our Philosophy

Regoora is about people. Our clients, partners and employees are the center of our business. Our team works hard to achieve success for our clients, because when their company succeeds, we succeed. Transparent and open communication guides every step of our business, before, during, and after a sale. We strive to market products and services that fulfill our clients’ needs. By fulfilling our clients’ expectations, we aim to create long-term relationships.

Career Opportunities

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Technology Partners

Regoora™ has joined the Turnkey Internet® Partner Program to provide you with a portfolio of hosting options. For each business and budget, there's a unique need. That's why we deliver a portfolio of solutions like managed hosting, cloud hosting and e-mail hosting, each with a diverse mix of products. Turnkeyinternet's model is built to adjust to customer needs quickly and efficiently. And because everything they do is dedicated to hosting, Turnkeyinternet truly are the hosting experts. Turnkeyinternet integrates the industry's best technologies and practices, and they deliver it all with their unparalleled and uncompromising Fanatical Support® Turnkeyinternet Hosting is the world's leading specialist in the hosting and cloud computing industry, which means that all of Regoora's websites are guaranteed 100% uptime and users will never experience server-related errors.

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